Úspora energie pre profesionálne aplikácie

MASTER Softone

MASTER Softone

  • Úspora energie pre profesionálne aplikácie

    • Light quality and distribution similar to the opalised incandescent lamps
    • Gives a soft, diffused light with a high comfort level
    • Save your money with long life-time and high energy efficiency compare to incandescent lamp
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Informácie o rade produktov

Určené na výmenu žiaroviek v profesionálnych aplikáciách (hotely, reštaurácie, keď chcete vytvoriť intímnu a útulnú atmosféru)


Professional long-life energy saving alternative to incandescent lamps
Flicker-free start
Almost constant light output (>90%) over recommended temperature range 0 to +50°C


Designed for incandescent lamp replacement in professional applications (hotels, restaurants), where you want to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere; suitable for applications where lamp is visible
Enclosed fixtures are required for outdoor applications
Not suitable for use with dimmers or electronic gear
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